Exciting new color concepts for silk sarees

Choosing colors for silk sarees is one of the primary stages of production. This is because both the warp and weft threads must be dyed several weeks before the actual weaving takes place. Since silk absorbs color well and has a unique sheen to it, there are some colors that can be dyed only in pure silk yarn. In this article, we present some silk sarees in bright new exciting colors for this season!


This is an old favorite! Lavender is essentially a mix of blue and pink and has an elegant and subtle flavor to it. Sarees of this shade are a bit rare to find in the market for two primary reasons; Firstly, this is a hard color to get right. Secondly, the weaving has to be impeccable as the tiniest defects or "marks" can be spotted on this color. In the saree shown below, we have used temple zari borders and kept the body plain with some vintage zari patterns on the paloo. 
Click here to check out the saree.



This color is essentially a light green color with a tint of blue. The fabric is bright in nature and provides a nice backdrop for gold zari work. The saree shown below is a border less Kanjivaram silk saree with gold and silver zari motives, with a rich zari-woven paloo. 
Click here to check out the saree.



The name of this color comes from the Indian spice, 'green cardamom', that is made out of a specific family of plants. The color is mild and unique to the extent that it hasnt been used much for pure silk sarees. The saree shown below is of this color, which bright thread work in the borders and paloo. 
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Beige is a popular color for silk sarees and has made a resurgence recently. One advantage of using this color is that the zari or silver work used blends perfectly into the fabric, without appearing too bright. The saree shown below is a border less Kanjivaram silk saree, woven with zari and silk meenakari work. 
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Onion pink

This color is a mix of pink and off-white and is a mild pastel shade of pink. It is perfectly suitable for plain sarees, especially when matched with contrast borders. In the saree shown below, the body is onion pink while the borders and paloo are deep blue.
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We experiment with hundreds of colors on a monthly basis in order to keep our color palette exciting. While the traditional colors such as red, maroon, deep green, mustard and off-white would always rule the roost when it comes to silk sarees, it is important to bring in new shades for the younger generation.