Shopping online; navigating through the Indian ecommerce web.

Around a decade ago, shopping through online stores was looked upon as quite unusual. Most business transactions were made through traditional brick and mortar retail stores. Fast forward to today and one can see a drastic change in consumer mentality. India's ecommerce infrastructure has grown rapidly and it looks like this might pose a challenge to physical stores in many sectors including apparel. The costs associated with developing and maintaining an ecommerce store are also coming down every year and small businesses are starting to sell their products online through their own ecommerce stores. One challenge this might pose to a buyer is the need to sort through the different websites and make sure that their purchases and payments are made securely. This article might a help a consumer make sure that they are on the safe end when purchasing a product online.


Direct communication

One of the ways in which you can be secured is by establishing a method to directly communicate with the store manager. A lot of websites, including ours,  have a live-chat functionality which can be used for real time communication. Any queries regarding the product, payments, shipping period as well as questions on exchange of the product can be addressed. In case a live chat is unavailable, you can get in touch with the store manager through the official customer care email. Ours, for example, is customercare@shreenivassilks.com .

Product query system

Before deciding to pay for an item, one might have many doubts regarding a product. The first step is to navigate through the product page, making sure the specifications of the products are read. A good online store always provides the consumer with adequate images and product details to help them choose. In case additional clarifications are needed, there might be a way to get in touch with the product catalog team. On our store, we provide a direct whatsapp link to our product experts on the product detail page as shown in the image above.

Brand value

Brand value provides trust and a brand that has been around more many decades is more likely to be trustworthy than a much newer brand. Well known brands always take extra steps to make sure that their customers have an enjoyable experience shopping online.

Secure payments

There are several factors that can help in making sure your payments are secure. If the online store is asking directly for your credit card/netbanking details on their own portal, always be cautious. In this case, look for a secure certificate on the URL part of your browser which makes sure that the information youve entered on the site is stored safely. On our website, while we are SSL certified, we dont store any payment related information of our customers. Rather, we direct them to our secure payment gateways (Razorpay, paytm and paypal). Once the payment is made, the customer is automatically redirected onto our website. We also send out emails confirming payment success.

Follow up

A good online store keeps the customer updated regarding the status of the order, once the order is placed. This can either be done via email, sms or whatsapp. Any delays in the shipment or processing has to be informed in a transparent manner. On our portal, we provide a status update from the time the order is processed all the way to the time when the delivery is made.