Style guide for silver jewelry !!

Style guide for silver jewelry !!

Sarees and jewelry are an ethereal combination of fashion. A perfect choice of jewelry can uplift the look of your saree. In this article, we focus on silver ornaments that you can match with all kinds of sarees including silks.


Minimalist love :

If you are a person of simplicity and chic, this is for you. Own a pair of stunning silver studs that goes with everything. A simple neck chain adds more charm when paired with cotton sarees.


Flaunt your inner Desiness :

Indian silver jewelry is unique and exquisite with intricate designs that are carefully hand-crafted. These charming silver harams are part of Indian heritage.


Jhumka fondness :

You can never go wrong when you wear a jhumka. Its a classic jewelry that can be paired with any outfit A gorgeous pair of silver jhumkas can go well with your favorite Kanjivaram silk saree!


Statement piece :

Own at least one statement jewelry that makes your wardrobe more appealing. Might not be for everyday use for it will definitely boost your saree on a special occasion.


Dazzling pearls :

Pearls are all time favourite for every woman. A classic pearl necklace paired with an all-white saree makes a luxury statement. Pearls are always considered as lavish and extravagant piece of jewelry all over the world.


Monochrome sarees are simple yet elegant. They act as perfect canvas to flaunt your jewelry. Limelight falls on the jewelry here and its a perfect outfit to show-off your favorite jewelry. Below malas would go well with monochrome sarees! 


Beauty with simplicity is today's trend and what better way to follow it than to incorporate some dazzling silver jewelry in your wardrobe.

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