Choosing the right silk saree for festive occasions and functions

While Indian women have a variety of apparels to choose from for daily use, the silk saree has become the apparel of choice for festive occasions/auspicious functions. Here’s our pick of ten festive occasions/functions meant for silk sarees along with our suggestions on what type of sarees would go well with each one. Read on.


    This is a priceless moment in every girl’s life. This may be the first time for a girl to get a chance to wear a silk saree. Therefore it is very crucial to choose a perfect saree which would go along with the theme of the function. We recommend a softly woven Kanjivaram silk saree with small borders or even borderless. These types of silk sarees are also relatively easy to drape and would be suited for someone who’s wearing a Kanjivaram silk saree for the first time.


    As the saying “you only get married once” goes, the wedding is probably the most important moment in a woman’s life. And choosing the right apparel is necessary. For a grand function like a reception, we would recommend a zari-woven bridal Kanjivaram silk saree. Popular colors are red, sky blue, green and mustard although the pastel shades are increasingly being used these days.For the actual ritual, we suggest wearing a thread-woven Kanjivaram silk saree with solid rich zari borders. While red is always a popular choice, other colors such as green, blue, off-white and pink would also go well.


    House warming is a special moment for an individual or a family. For this function, you can choose a nice soft silk saree with either rich tissue zari borders or thread woven borders.The body of the saree doesn’t necessarily have to be grand. We suggest either going for a subtle look with a plain woven saree or a slightly richer look with a saree with woven zari motives on the body.


    A baby shower is an auspicious function that celebrates the expected delivery of a child. You can go for a checked Kanjivaram silk saree with multiple colors woven on the body or a vintage Kanjivaram silk saree with traditional zari borders.


    This is an auspicious function, normally held among close relatives, where a newly born baby is assigned a name. Since it carries a lot of significance, we suggest wearing a rich Kanjivaram silk saree, preferably embellished with zari motives on the body and matching solid zari borders.

  6. DIWALI:

    Diwali is a special festive occasion in India. We suggest keeping it light and trendy. A thread-woven Kanjivaram or soft silk saree with small borders would do the trick at a very reasonable budget.

  7. PONGAL:

    Pongal is a festival celebrating the harvest of the season and carries special significance to the southern population of India, especially tamils living in Tamil nadu. For Pongal, we suggest wearing a vintage Kanjivaram silk saree as it goes well with the spirit of the festival.


    Birthdays are special occasions and would be ideal moments for draping yourself in a beautiful silk saree. We suggest going for a trendy soft silk saree. Being light weight and easy to drape, these sarees are perfectly suited.


    A wedding anniversary is a remembrance of your wedding every year. We suggest going for a simple and elegant Kanjivaram silk saree with either small zari borders or even border less.


    For social gatherings, we suggest going for trendy soft silk sarees. These sarees are light in weight, easy to drape and hence well suited for a casual social gathering or a party.