Evolving Patterns in Kanjivarams

Can oil paintings be restricted to only the Mona Lisa? No. Similarly, Kanjivarams cannot be restricted only to traditional patterns such as peacocks, parrots or traditional colors. A Kanjivaram saree is our canvas and the designs, fabrics and colors are our expression of art. Here are some of the types of contemporary Kanjivarams:

Blended fabrics

Normally, a Kanjivaram silk saree is woven with mulberry silk for both the latitudinal and longitudinal threads, While heavy Kanjivarams are continued to be woven, lighter ones are being created too. Lighter silks are woven by ensuring that the weft thread is made out of extremely fine raw silk. This makes the saree lighter and also gives it a unique finish.

The product in the below link is a good example.

Magenta pure zari Kanjivaram silk saree with a Kora finish SS199

The fusion of weaving techniques:

Just like Kanjivaram, there are many other towns in India where weavers have specialized skills and weaving techniques. A good example would be the town of Rajkot in Gujarat which is known for patola silk sarees.

Combining the weaving techniques from these different parts of the country to create a unique saree is a recent trend. We have started exploring this as well and an example of the fusion of Kanjivaram and patola weaving techniques can be seen in the saree below

Beautiful Mustard ikkat pure zari Kanjivaram Silk Saree SS083

Starch less weaving:

Generally, starch is added during the weaving process to make the Kanjivaram silk saree a little bit stiffer and hence easier to weave. However, these days softer weaves are much more preferred. The softness makes the saree easier to drape and also more “body-hugging”.

In order to cater to this preference for softer sarees, our Kanjivaram silk sarees are woven with no starch.

Pastel colours:

Kanjivaram silk sarees are known for traditional colours such as maroon, green, mustard, and orange. However, pastel-colored Kanjivaram silk sarees are increasingly becoming preferred. We have our own collection of Kanjivaram silk sarees in beautiful pastel shades in the link below

Pastel colours

Offbeat motives:

While the traditional motives that Kanjivaram silk sarees are known for are based on peacocks, elephants, and horses, there is now a recent trend of using offbeat patterns. The below saree is a good example and is woven using fish-shaped body motives woven in thread and zari.

Skyblue Kanjivaram silk saree woven with fish motives SS1336

Kanjivaram patterns are getting popular day by day. There are a lot of women who are very curious to know about evolving patterns for silk sarees. Kanjivaram silk sarees would be a good choice for any occasion.