How initiatives like the Silk mark are helping protect consumers of silk sarees

Silk is a primary part of Indian culture. In many religious ceremonies, marriages, and special occasions in general, it plays a major role. Once reserved for the wealthiest members of society alone, silk has now become more affordable and accessible to the common man. So how can we make sure we're not cheated? How can we find genuine silk products easily? The burn test comes to mind, but it’s not an entirely feasible option. Silk mark can be a better option to identify genuine silk saree. A high-security hologram is affixed to a hand tag with a unique serial number associated with its authorized user and use period. For smaller items such as stoles, scarves, etc., a label sew is also used.


What is the silk mark?

Silk is a precious fabric but its also common to find unscrupulous traders who take consumers for a ride by selling fake silk products. Silk Mark offers consumers a helping hand illustrating the silk product’s worth. It also helps rural craftsmen to market their products. The Silk Mark is an initiative conducted by India's Central Silk Board which ensures that all items affixed to the Silk Mark are made of pure silk. Silk Mark is a company that guarantees quality under its tags for the silk product. The society is effectively sponsored by the Central Silk Board as an apex for the growth of the silk and silk industry in India.This sentence does not make sense.. It is clear that silk remains as the fashion queen, preserving its beauty for all time. However, care must be taken to distinguish between the natural fabric and cheap imitations. Silk Mark tags, which can be used to identify the authorized and registered Silk Mark user, would help in doing this.

Why it is important?

Silk is the most preferred fabric for sarees. Silk Mark is one of the important factors that can help us choose original and high quality fabric. The silk sarees on our site come with a silk mark tag guarantying pure silk. Silk Mark provides the silk goods with a quality assurance mark showing that the product is made from pure silk only. It, therefore, protects the rights of the end-users of silk goods, benefiting stakeholders as well. It's a generic silk marketing scheme. The label on their products can only be used by an authorized user of Silk Mark.

How silk mark is helpful to the customers?

Consumers need to be informed about the kind of fabric they’re thinking of purchasing, either offline or online. The silk mark offers a trustworthy and reliable guarantee for consumers of silk products, be it sarees, stoles, dothis or dupattas.

Knowing for sure a product is made out of organic silk also justifies the price point of silk products and consumers can spend their hard earned money with confidence.