Mythical Tales Part 1 : The Tale Of Kanjivaram Weaves

Updated: Feb 2

The art of weaving in India is more than 700 years old. It has a rich history and tradition to it, which over a period of time has been completely forgotten. In India, the origin of everything has always been in the form of stories, involving gods and goddesses. This is no different when it comes to the tradition of weaving. Here is the mythology aspect of it, tweaked a little to the authors' imagination.

The lotus holds special significance to the craft of weaving

The above depicts a story that has been told for many generations. It explains why the lotus holds special significance to the craft of weaving. This story also explains why most people in the weaving community think of the skill to weave exquisite sarees as not only a craft that is learnt and honed to perfection, but also an innate trait that is passed from father to son!