Selecting the perfect blouse for your silk saree

Silk Sarees are a staple of the wardrobe of Indian women. For most of us, our collection of sarees starts with our mothers and grandmothers. In India, fashion is not season-wise, it’s timeless. This is predominantly so because we see our attires as a work of art, which are collected and passed on, adding memories and stories with each passing generation. Every piece of saree, whether it’s passed on or bought, is an asset. Sarees are often repeated, but by changing the blouse or draping style, a new look is adopted by the wearer. Here we have explored 10+ types of blouses that you can experiment with.

    Plain raw silk blouse: Plain raw silk blouses are very popular. They tend to go perfectly well with silk sarees. They come in bright colours and the texture of Raw silk gives a subtle yet elegant appearance. Rich sheen, bright colors. Subtle yet elegant appearance.

    Silk cotton blouse: Silk cotton blouses are common. Economical and simple, they are most worn with plain silk sarees. They are perfect for regular use. Budget friendly, useful for plain or simple silk sarees.

    Back Neck Pattern: Blouse back neck design plays a major role in the blouse's overall appearance. There are several types of the back of the blouse, such as the round collar, sweetheart neck blouse, square neck blouse, V neck blouse, neck blouse of the yacht, U neck blouse, etc. When it comes to the style, it’s better to pick one we are comfortable with!

    Contrasting Colour: Choose a drastically contrasting color from your saree and create a blouse with a style that you think will go best with you! Adding the sari border to the sleeves of the blouse is also something that one can try. Experiment with your blouse, be brave with your choice. Remember, there is no right or wrong!

    Luxurious Brocade: Because of its versatility, Brocade blouses are everyone's favorite choice. Choose a brocade fabric, create a blouse that makes you feel comfortable and pair it with a sari of your choice! Create your own trend!

    Beautiful Stonework: Embroidery work is done on blouses to make it seem grander! If you are a bride, looking to make your blouse seem richer, adding stonework to yours can make a huge difference. Sometimes, stonework on a plain blouse also adds to the beauty of it!

    High Neck Silk Saree Blouse Designs: High neck silk blouse designs are very traditional and till today, very popular! On official occasions, the high neck silk blouse can be worn with a collar, and on other occasions, the round neck style look great!

    Round Cut Out Back Neck: Such blouse designs cut out specifics on the back of the blouse. The intricate maggam work, stonework, Kundan work or zardozi work that outlines the cut back gives an artistic look to the blouse. A tie back tassel on the back takes up the glamour quotient of the blouse by a notch.

    Blouse with Artistic Sleeves: The length and width of the sleeve have a dramatic effect on a blouse's appearance. It is an important element of design and an essential part of her special day to make the bride feel comfortable and confident. A simple blouse with attractive sleeves can look stunning!

    Net Blouse Designs: Net blouse designs are a recent trend and currently in fashion. They look sleek and sensual. Net fabric, including sleeves, neckline or back, can be integrated into the blouse in various ways. These designs of the Net blouse add a modern touch to your traditional silk saree.

Silk saree is one of the evergreens outfits that every Indian woman loves to dress. But the fact is that a saree's attractiveness depends heavily on the kind of blouse designs you wear. There are so many innovative blouse patterns on the market these days, but choosing such a blouse pattern that highlights your personality is crucial. So, this was just a little guide to suggest how to select the perfect blouse for your silk saree. Hope this article was helpful!