Silk saree border concepts

The borders are a unique part of a silk saree. A border is an area allocated for thread or zari weaving of a specific pattern on one or both ends of the saree. The borders are protected from slippage by using 'selvedges' made up of thick silk. We briefly illustrate the different concepts of borders that are commonly used for silk sarees in this blog post.


1. Rectangular solid borders
   These are the most popular form of borders used and are generally woven with gold or silver zari. The border is made up of intricate elements to enhance the shine of the zari and to impart an exuberant look to the saree. Different elements such as peacocks, horses and floral designs are used along with weavefills    to make up the border pattern. Depending on the size of the borders, they can be used for grand ocassions such as weddings or simple ocassions such as a house warming ceremony.

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2. Turning borders

   A turning border is one that is woven in a zig zag pattern and can be used for designs such as temples. These borders are much harder to weave than conventional ones and are primarily used for auspicious ocassions and functions.

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3. Border less

   This is a concept that has really caught on recently. By weaving the saree with only selvedges and no borders, the body pattern extends to either side. The saree is relatively light in weight and perfect for casual ocassions and parties. You can check out our collection of border less silk sarees here.

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4. Motives

   Here individual motives are hand-woven along the borders, usually in gold or silver zari. Traditional motives such as peacocks are perfecty suited for this concept as exemplied in the image above. These borders can be used both for simple and grand ocassions depending on the size and density of the motives.

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5. Tissue borders

   These are a specific kind of rectangular zari borders, where the zari is blended with silk to impart a dull effect. Due to this, these borders are suited for traditional functions and parties, but not for grand ocassions.

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6. Meenakari borders

   These are rectangular borders that are hand-woven with gold zari and resham threads of various colors. The borders tend to be bigger in size and are perfect for grand functions/celebrations.

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    Selecting the right type of border is quite important as the border is one of the key features of a luxurious silk saree. We have listed some common border concepts which you can find on our online store. Pick a border concept that you really like, match it up with your favorite blouse and you're all good to go!