Top 5 kinds of bridal silk sarees

Sarees made of silk are a favorite among women who love to dress up. From elaborate patterns, intricate designs, traditional colors to contemporary ones, the choice of saris we have today is incredible.

Why choosing a perfect bridal silk saree is important

The wedding attires of the bride and groom are not just attires, they carry with them the memory of the wedding. When it comes to the bride, there are many choices available today. Knowing the many options is important. So, we have listed the top 5 silk sarees that we feel you ought to know.

Top 5 bridal silk sarees

  • Tissue Sarees:

    Woven with more zari than silk, tissue saris are the definition of brilliance! Most tissue saris are completely handwoven and tend to last a century or two. These sarees are hard to forget and picture friendly!

  • Nine yards:

    Most South Indian brides choose nine yards for the main wedding. Traditionally, they come with contrast border and are usually in Marron-green, or Mango yellow-marron combination. But more recently, new colours and designs have been introduced to these saris, making them very appealing.

  • Traditional Kanjivaram Pattu

    These are the most popular types of bridal sarees in South India. Intricately woven motifs, meaningful designs inspired by mythology, stunning colours and paloo make kanjivarams a very interesting choice. They also tend to stand out. Families usually go to the town of Kanchipuram to buy very traditional sarees.

  • Benarasis

    Benarasis are more popular in the North, just like how Kanjivarams are in the South. Even now the designs and colors in Benarasi sarees are traditional and the sarees are supposed to drape very well. Benarasi sarees are available at all price points.

  • Mix of Weaving Styles

    There are many many weaving styles in India. Paithani, Patola, Kanjivaram, Benarasis and so on. More recently, designers have started combining weaving styles for bridals and the result is Gorgeous! Kanjivarams with patola borders or motifs in paithani are some of the examples. These are rare to find and are most preferred.

We have listed some of our unique silk sarees made with a mix of weaving styles below.

Beautiful Mustard ikkat pure zari Kanjivaram Silk Saree SS083

Bright green with pink ikkat soft silk saree SS421

Dark Green Soft Silk Saree SS118

Beige with red silk cotton saree SS1219

Dark green partley organza silk saree SS673

There are a large number of sarees available on the market. Choosing the right saree for you can be a fun journey. Doing some research on what is available helps!