Shop for luxurious silk sarees at the comfort of your home


Are you someone who wants to buy silk saris online and yet need to experience the touch and feel of the saris before paying for them?  We’ve got just the thing for you! Shreenivas Silks and Sarees launches the ‘View At Home’ feature that will make your shopping experience hassle-free and pleasant.

Buying saris online

In a country like India, ecommerce has tremendous growth potential. The main reason for this is that retail infrastructure in this country, although developing , is simply not adequate to serve the demands of the people. In contrast to brick and mortar retail, ecommerce needs lesser investment in infrastructure. With the advent of 4G (and soon to come 5G) data speeds, ecommerce stores can reach the nook and corners of the country which retail stores cannot compete with. When it comes to selecting an expensive silk saree online, there are some people who prefer to touch and feel the fabric before deciding to pay for it. This is the traditional method of buying a silk saree and we at Shreenivas silks and sarees think that one should be able to have the same experience online as we provide them in our retail outlet located at Pondy bazaar, T.Nagar, Chennai.

The view at home experience!

How does it work? Quite simple. 

  • You shop for sarees on our site, adding the ones you like into your cart.
  • Once you have finalized your selection, you go into your cart and click on the 'view at home' button.
  • A pop-up appears where you need to fill your address details on the left as well as your phone number and when you would like us to bring the saris to your home. The right side shows the list of sarees in your cart.
  • You need to verify the phone number entered using OTP as shown in the illustration below. Once OTP is verified, click on the 'confirm request' button
  • Once you confirm request, you will receive a sms confirming your view at home order and one of our sales agents will get in touch with you
  • We will dispatch the saris you requested along with a sales person who can offer you his expert opinion on the fabric. 
  • Our 'view at home' kit would involve masks, face shields and hand sanitizers as a safety measure against covid-19. The sales person would also wear gloves when displaying the saris.
  • Once you choose the sarees you want to purchase, you can pay using one of our numerous contactless payment options ( googlepay, Paytm, amazonpay and razorpay)
  • If requested, our sales person would also cut the blouse and make the tassles for the saris at your home.
  • This service is only available in Chennai at the moment.