What are soft silks ?

Imagine walking into a cocktail party, wedding function or even an office meeting with a light silk gently and gracefully draped around you, in colors that are vibrant and subtle at the same time. Soft silk saris serve this purpose.

The term “soft silk” is used pretty loosely these days. One often comes across these type of sarees when shopping for silk sarees online. However, the amount of actual information available on these sarees is very limited.

In this article, we write about the weaving origin and provide other useful information about soft silks.



                                                                                       An ikkat soft silk saree             

1.    The craft

As the name suggests, soft silks are silk sarees primarily hand-woven. They are woven with little to no starch, giving them a soft and lustrous finish. They are also incredibly light. Most soft silks are woven in villages in and around Coimbatore.


2.    Design

Motifs, borders and pallu in soft silk saris tend to be bold and abstract, very different from traditional designs we might find in India. The designs in soft silk saris cater to an evolving taste, allowing the art depicted to reflect a more contemporary frame of mind.


3.    Drape anytime

The other weaving styles such as Kanjivarams, Patolas, Paithanis, Benarasis etc are mostly worn for wedding or other festivities because of which silk saris in India were often restricted to occasions. Soft silks broke this pattern! They are not just economical but the colors and designs are so casual, making silk a daily affair.


4.    Where to find Soft Silks?

Soft Silk saris are mostly found in Tamil Nadu, very specifically Coimbatore and Chennai. The best of the collection is found in these two places. They are slowly getting available online too.


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