A guide to purchasing authentic handwoven cotton sarees and supporting fair trade practices.

A guide to purchasing authentic handwoven cotton sarees and supporting fair trade practices.

Cotton is an organic fiber and a great choice for crafting sarees. Cotton as a fabric is light in weight, can be woven with different concepts and affordable. Cotton saris are breezy and suited for the Indian summer and hence make a great option for Indian women. There are many online stores selling cotton saris today but its important for the consumer to make sure that the product is genuine and sourced ethically.
This short blog teaches you, the consumer, on the best practices to follow while looking to buy cotton sarees online!

Research the weaves 
Research the different types of hand woven cotton sarees available before purchasing. Some popular weaves include Jamdani, Maheshwari, Chanderi and Sambalpuri. Learn about the properties of each fabric, including the design, pattern and colors used. Weaves are priced according to the work and hence its important to know the weave.

Choose a trusted seller
Look for sellers known to sell authentic handwoven cotton sarees. You can research online or ask for recommendations from friends and family who have purchased sarees before. Always make sure the seller has a good reputation and is transparent about their supply chain and fair business practices.

Verify authenticity
Authentic handwoven cotton sarees are made by skilled artisans trained in traditional weaving techniques. Look for sarees with tags or labels that certify their authenticity. You can also get in touch with the seller and ask them questions which could help you with this process. 

Paying a fair price
Handwoven cotton sarees take a lot of time and skill and the weavers deserve to be paid fairly for their work. Be prepared to pay reasonable prices for authentic handwoven cotton sarees. Avoid buying from sellers who offer extremely low prices as this may indicate unethical behavior or machine-made saris misbranded as hand-woven ones.

Support Fair Trading Practices
Find suppliers who support fair trading practices and are transparent about their supply chains. Fair business practices ensure that weavers are fairly compensated for their work and that the entire supply chain is transparent and ethical. By supporting fair trade practices, you can help promote sustainable and ethical fashion.

Caring for your sarees
Handwoven cotton sarees are delicate and require special care. Always follow the care instructions provided by the seller and avoid exposing the saree to harsh chemicals or excessive heat. If properly cared for, your handwoven cotton sarees can last for many years and become a treasured part of your wardrobe.

Here are some hand-woven cotton sarees from Shreenivas silks & sarees.


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