Importance of the silk mark in protecting consumer interest in silk products

Importance of the silk mark in protecting consumer interest in silk products

Silk is a part of Indian culture. In many religious ceremonies and special occasions , silk sarees play a major role. Once reserved for the wealthiest members of society , silk has now become more affordable and accessible to the common man. So how do you make sure you're not cheated? How can you find out if the silk is genuine?

The burn test for the purity of silk comes to mind, but it’s not an entirely feasible option. Silk mark can be a better option to identify a genuine silk saree. A high-security hologram is affixed to a tag with a unique serial number associated with its authorized user and use period. For smaller items such as stoles, scarves, etc., a label sew is also used.




What is the silk mark?

Silk is a precious fabric but its also common to find unscrupulous traders who take consumers for a ride by selling fake silk products. Silk Mark offers consumers a helping hand, illustrating the silk product’s worth. It also helps rural craftsmen to market their products. The Silk Mark is an initiative conducted by India's Central Silk Board which ensures that all items affixed to the Silk Mark are made of pure silk. Tags are attached to pure silk products to certify the purity of silk and the silk mark authorization of the seller.


Why it is important?

Silk is the most preferred fabric for sarees. Silk Mark is one of the important factors that can help consumers choose original and high quality fabric. All our pure silk products come with the silk mark certification. The label on products can only be used by an authorized user of Silk Mark. The silk board maintains quality and standards by inspecting the premises of all their authorized users.


How can you use this to your advantage?
If you're purchasing a silk saree from a physical or online store, ask the seller if they are authorized users of silk mark. Look for the silk mark tag and also the hologram affixed to the back side to check if the labels are genuine.
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