New-age saree colors for your wardrobe !

New-age saree colors for your wardrobe !

When it comes to choosing a saree, the colour plays a decisive role. Ace up your saree game by adding these dazzling new-age colours to your wardrobe !



Yellow is a fresh and versatile colour with grandeur. Its the perfect choice for any occasion and becomes a statement on its own.


Peach :

This colour is becoming highly popular among young women because of its subtle yet enticing nature. Peach is one of the most loved pastel shades and owning a peach saree is a must for every saree lover.



Once thought of as dull and boring, grey is making a big comeback. This intriguing colour provides us the luxury of styling it in million ways. It is a perfect canvas for showing off your stunning jewellery.


Lavender :

Lavender is a simply a mix of blue and pink. Its quite a difficult colour to carry off because of its dual-tone nature, but can be made to looks classy and sophisticated.


Turquoise :

Turquoise is for all the blue lovers out there. Turquoise combines deep blue with tones of green in order to make the resulting colour light and elegant. This colour is perfect for silk sarees!

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