Phenomenal color combinations to try out!

Phenomenal color combinations to try out!

Color plays a crucial role in fashion. When it comes to the saree, beauty lies in the texture, color and patterns. Each color has a unique character and imparts a certain elegance to the outfit. Each color combination has its own story to tell. Here are some great color combinations that never fail to impress.

1. Red with Green :

Red is a powerful and dominant color that every woman loves. Dark green is a vintage color that carries its own style. When these two colors are combine, it becomes a classic combination.


2. Yellow with Royal blue :

Bright and shiny yellow along with royal blue is pure royalty and a must have saree in your bridal trousseau.


3.Black with red :

Stunning black saree with brilliant red colored paloo and golden zari weave has a special place in every woman's heart as well as in wardrobe.


4.Orange with Green :

If you are a lover of bright colors, then this combo is for you. Shiny orange saree with dark green border gives a vintage and positive vibe. This combination is ideal for day functions.


5.Peacock blue with Violet :

Mystical peacock blue color has its own identity and poise when combined with purple color and carries abundance of charm and delicacy.


6. Brown with Purple :

Timeless and eternal brown color with dark purple is an iconic combination and stands out in any occasion. It portrays charm and auspiciousness.

At Shreenivas silks, we provide a wide ranges of silk sarees with classic and novel color combinations suitable for every occasion.

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