The nine yard saree - A nostalgic attire !

The nine yard saree - A nostalgic attire !

Clothing and customs often go hand in hand. India is a country with a rich cultural heritage and wedding rituals are a part of that heritage. The nine yards silk saree, initially used as a daily wear outfit, has evolved into an attire meant specifically for wedding rituals. The fusion of this traditional attire with modern colors and patterns is what makes designing nine yards silk sarees exciting as well as challenging.


The drape :

Draping styles for the nine yards saree have evolved over the years and different regions of the country have their own unique draping styles. Some of the major ones are the Madisar drape, Nauvari drape and the Koli drape.


The pattern :

In the past, most nine yards silk sarees were woven with a simple, plain pattern for the body/borders and the color selection was also quite restrictive; most preferred to wear colors such as maroon, deep green and mustard. However, today there are unique color combinations as well as patterns used in crafting nine yards sarees, making them appealing to a much younger audience. Woven stripes, checks and gold-zari motifs are often used to embellish the body of the saree. The sarees are also made lighter than before with an intention to make them more comfortable to drape and use.


Marking an occasion :

Today, nine yards silk sarees are used mostly for wedding rituals and auspicious functions. It is typical for both the bride and the bride's mother to wear a nine yards silk saree during the main wedding ritual and this tradition has been followed for centuries.

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