About us

Starting out as manufacturers of pure silk, hand-woven saris in the silk town of Kanchipuram, we have come a long way in establishing ourselves as a trusted brand for saris. The core philosophies of Shreenivas silks have remain unchanged since our inception in 1905. What makes us stand out are the following key aspects we have focused on since the very beginning;


Sustainable weaving

We have always tried to challenge the notion that weaving is a laborious process. It is no doubt that weaving a silk saree requires great skill and time, but not necessarily physical effort. Our focus on sustainability means that we actively look for ways to ease the physical burden on the weavers. Our current system of weaving uses pneumatic compressors to activate the jacquard machine, reducing a great load on the legs of the weaver. 

A photo of our weaver using a pneutamic system


Creative art work

 Another aspect we are passionate about is coming up with new creative art works for our saris. We have our own team of artists and designers who keep coming up with new motives and concepts. This gives us plenty of choice when it comes to color and design selection and also makes our saris stand out.

A new motif created by an in-house artist

Weaving technology

When it comes to weaving, we love to push the boundaries and explore with new techniques and fabrics. This keeps our customers coming back and also makes our work more interesting. 

A blended silk saree with Kanjivaram silk for the borders and kora silk for the body