Thirteen Reasons why to own a Saree

Thirteen Reasons why to own a Saree

Saree....!!! Centuries have passed since the arrival of saree, but it still has its own place in every girl's wardrobe. In the era of modesty, saree slays in its own way. From Calcutta to Cannes, our six yards of pure elegance paved its own way... There are million reasons to own a saree, here are the best 13 reasons why!

1. Elegance & Grace:

Try all the outfit in the world but only a saree can bring out the true elegance and grace of every desi girl. In this world of modesty, there is nothing compared to saree.

2. Swag :

Strong and powerful it is. A saree brings out the true swag of every Indian girl.

3. Make it personal:

Saree always remains personal to everyone. We all have that one saree which always remains special to us.

4. Never goes wrong:

It can be for a wedding or a farewell or a cocktail party or even for work; a saree can never go wrong for any occasion. It always remains an all-rounder.

5. Suits all age:

The saree is meant for every age and everyone's style. No other fabric is this versatile.

6. Goes with anything & everything:

The saree can be matched with high heels or sneakers, free hair or braids, no makeup or full glam up and various other accessories.

7. Season friendly:

For sunny summer, a sheen chiffon saree would be apt. For cold winter, a heavy banarsi saree. There are different fabrics to match the seasons.

8. The "aww" Story:

It can be your millionth time wearing a saree, but it never fails to make you go "Aww"....!!

9. Tradition to Modesty:

From Gen X to millennials, traditional to modern, saree serves all generation of people.

Saree can be traditional and authentic. It can be millennial and modern.

10. Carry the legacy:

Saree is not just an outfit. Its carries its own legacy. Every girl wearing her mother's saree for the first time is taking a step into their legacy.

11. Variety :

Saree is available in million different colours, enormous fabrics and we have zillion options when it comes to saree. And don't we absolutely love that??

12.Never goes out of style:

A saree can never go out of style. It grows along with the fashion. Every successful fashion icon makes their fashion statement once in a while by flaunting their Indianness through sarees.

13.Always Affordable:

Always affordable. The Saree caters to every women with grace and poise irrespective of their budget.

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