Tips to maintain pure silk sarees

Tips to maintain pure silk sarees

Do you own a pure silk saree or have plans to buy one soon? Silk sarees are exceptional in their luster, colors and feel and are well suited for festive occasions and functions. However, these sarees need to be maintained well in order to extend their life and keep them in good condition. Here are some tips that would be helpful for maintaining a silk saree.


"Silk sarees need to be maintained well in order to extend their life."



A lot of people have misconceptions about this, but a silk sari can be washed at home. We recommend a gentle wash in cold water, with the use of either a shampoo or detergent. A silk sari that is dyed properly will never bleed its color, unless it is mishandled.
You can also choose to dry clean the sari if you wish, but kindly make sure that the sari is handled with care.

"We wrap our bridal silk sarees using pieces of cotton cloth. This keeps the saree dust free while at the same time preserves the quality of the zari."


Wrap and store your silk saree in a cotton cloth. You can also use soft towels. Make sure that the storage area is free from moths or insects. We don't recommend storing your silk saree in an air tight box, as the zari of the saree might lose its shine. You can also choose to use hangers to hang your sarees, if you are storing your saree in a dust free area.

Temperature and moisture

It is suggested to store your silk sarees in a cool and dry place where sunlight cannot reach. Storing your silk sarees in a cool place will prevent it from fading/discoloration.


Make sure that you are refolding your sarees once every three months to prevent dust from accumulating along fold lines.


If you choose to use an Iron press on your silk saree, make sure the heat is at medium at most. Using high heat will damage the fabric. Steam ironing is generally better suited for silk sarees.

Using hangers

A common issue with improper storage of silk sarees is the appearance of wrinkles on the fabric. Using hangers can prevent this.

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