Tips to maintain Silk sarees !

Tips to maintain Silk sarees !

Silk sarees are special and cherished possessions for a lot of women. Each silk saree is intricately hand-woven by skilled weavers and the process takes a lot of time and effort . Such sarees need care and maintenance to make sure they last a long time.


1. Wash care :

Dry cleaning the silk saree is best way to get rid of stains without affecting the nature of the fabric. However most silk sarees can be hand-washed gently. The hand-wash can be done using cold or lukewarm water and an extremely mild detergent. Make sure the detergent doesn't contain any bleaching agents. Never rub your silk sarees or create any form of friction as it damages the fabric . Rinse the saree thoroughly after the wash to get rid of the excess detergent. Do not squeeze or dry it under sun the sun directly. Air-dry the saree under shade.


2. Iron :

Do not apply heat directly on silk sarees as it may affect the zari or the fabric. Always use low heat and use a cotton cloth over the saree during the process. Steam ironing is the best option as it doesn't cause any damage to the silk fabric.


3. Folding :

Always fold your saree inside out. Refolding your silk sarees every 3 months is important in order to avoid dust accumulating along creases.


4. Storage :

Store your silk sarees in a dry and cool place. Hanging your silk sarees is a good way of storing them. Always store your blouse separately from the saree as it might contain embellishments which could damage the fabric of the saree. Do not apply fragrance or deodorant directly on to the fabric.

Silk sarees are fragile and expensive. Understanding the nature of the fabric and embellishments used is a crucial for maintaining a saree. Use these tips to preserve your beloved silk sarees.

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