Unconventional Saree draping styles

Unconventional Saree draping styles

The the art of saree draping has evolved over the years . A perfect style of draping embraces your body and makes you feel comfortable. Traditional draping styles like Madisar, Nauvari, Parsi, Gujarati style, Bengali drape and Nivi drape remain classics. But there are no limitations when it comes to the draping of a six yards saree, be it silk or cotton.

Here are some novel ways of saree draping which use unconventional styles.


Style up with pants :

Draping your saree with a petticoat is the traditional way. Pick your favourite saree and pair it with matching coloured pants for a novel look.


Layer Up with a Cape :

You can also try pairing your saree up with a cape as shown in the illustration. Contrast colours for the cape would work really well.


Drape with a belt :

Perfectly pleated saree with an adorable waist belt is not just fashionable but also helps you to keep your saree drape intact for a long time.


Front pallu style :

Instead of usual diagonal pallu, flaunt your saree in front pallu draping style for a contemporary look. Sarees with intricate designs on the paloo would be perfect candidates for this draping style.


Offbeat blouse design :

Match your saree with an experimental blouse design. Even if your drape is the classic one, the blouse adds a new layer and can completely revamp the look of the saree.


Sarees are probably the only garment that can be worn in countless different ways. End of the day, the best drape is the one your are most comfortable in. Feel free to try some of the drapes suggested in this blog.

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