Why Are Pure Zari Silk Sarees Coveted?

Why Are Pure Zari Silk Sarees Coveted?

Why are silk sarees woven with pure zari so popular for weddings and grand occasions? In this article, we delve into the some of the factors that make pure zari Kanjivarams unique.

Kanjivaram silk sarees are often woven with pure zari to enhance the value of the saree.

What is zari?

Although there are several variants of zari in the market today, traditional zari is a fine silver wire which is twisted and then plated with a gold coating. While zari has the appearance of gold, it can be woven as easily as silk threads making it very suitable for hand woven silk sarees.

This is the form of pure zari after production. These fine threads of zari can be woven the same was as silk threads.

Unique luster

Pure zari has a unique golden luster that is very hard to imitate. As a result, pure zari is preferable for rich border, paloo designs as well as body motives. Artificial zari, on the other hand, has an exaggerated flashy appearance.


Appreciating value

Since zari contains a good quantity of pure silver and some gold content, the value of these precious metals would either remain unchanged or most likely appreciate with time. Used silk has little value when compared to zari. It is possible to recycle the gold and silver content of zari, long after the saree has been used several times.


Long lasting

Pure zari is known to maintain its color and luster for a really long period of time. This improves the life of the silk saree, provided it is maintained adequately.

One of the challenges of buying a pure zari silk saree is that there are no third party organizations that provide a standard for the purity of zari. As a result, you need to rely on the standards and practices of the establishment you're buying from. In our retail and online stores, we clearly mention the quality of zari to make sure that our customers are adequately informed before making the purchase. You can check out our pure zari silk sarees here.

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