Why you should chose silk over other fabrics

Why you should chose silk over other fabrics

Did you know what the fastest selling products, sold online in India, are? Not mobile phones or tablets, but sarees! Surprising as that might be, it’s also hard not to see why. Sarees are an integral part of our culture and the apparel of choice when it comes to weddings and festive occasions.

Also, the concept of selecting the right size does not apply here which makes ordering online less challenging. A major factor when selecting a saree is the fabric. And the queen of all fabrics is pure silk. Here are five reasons why we think silk triumphs all other fabrics when it comes to sarees.

"The texture of silk is hard to match, making it the fabric of choice for exclusive sarees."


Softness and texture

Sarees made out of silk are extremely soft and lustrous. Silk can be dyed in colors that no other fabric can absorb to the same extent. The natural sheen of silk is one of its best features.



Silk is a strong natural fiber. Silk is also naturally elastic and can stretch to a small extent without breaking. This makes silk sarees very durable.


Moisture absorption

Silk is a good absorbent and also dries quickly relative to other fabrics. When you sweat, the silk absorbs the moisture and the individual threads increase in size, letting in more air to evaporate the excess moisture. Silk also keeps you insulated so you feel cool on hot days and avoid losing heat on cool days.


All natural

Silk is similar to human hair. It is made up of protein (97%), fat and wax. It is free of any chemicals and is safe for any skin type. On top of this, silk is resistant to dust, mold and fungus.


Draping of the sari

Silk drapes extremely well relative to other fabrics. The ease of draping combined with the light weight makes silk the obvious fabric of choice for sarees.

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