Vanabhumi : The Colours Of The Jungle

Vanabhumi : The Colours Of The Jungle

Urbanization and deforestation have been plaguing the world for a while now. It is unfortunate that forests, the nature’s air filters, are dwindling across this world. It is important for us to treasure this ever changing home for countless species of amphibians, reptiles, insects and birds.

The jungle or Vanabhumi holds a deep significance in Indian culture. There are many stories, mythologies, that originates from the jungle in Indian Ithasa. Goddess Aranyani- the protector of woods, forest and animals has been worshipped in India for many centuries. She represents life and fertility. Why was the jungle given much significance in our culture? Because it represents oneness and holds all the laws of the nature together! Endless amount of species grows together and are treated the same way. However, each one is distinguished by its size, colour and patterns on their skin. This makes jungles some of the most colourful places on the planet. It is organized chaos.

The jungle holds countless secrets, yet is an open book, revealing everything to you once you are ready to receive. The stories of the Jungle, be it in the Ramayana, Mahabharatha or the Jataka Tales, portrays all of the above. These stories have deep significance for life and stand as a great source of inspiration. In an effort to bring out these pearls of wisdom, we have crafted a new series Vanabhumi’. We have traversed through these stories, brought out its essence and incorporated it in our designs. Vanabhumi will kick start with a tale of a woodcutter which is a common story that is narrated to children by the mother or grandmother.


The story of the woodcutter

A wood cutter was visiting his sister on the outskirts of a magical jungle. While staying there, he did what he knew- went in search of wood to cut. When he went into the magical jungle, he found a tree. When he lifted his axe to chop the tree, he suddenly became the tree. This experience lasted just a few seconds and took him by surprise. He wrote it off to heat and exhaustion. He lifted his axe once again to cut the tree. This time he not only became the tree, but also the other trees, plants, seeds, flowers and fruits in the jungle. This too lasted for a few seconds. Subsequently, he brought his axe down. After this, he was surprised to note a sense of calmness in him. In his final attempt to cut the tree, when he brought his axe up, he became the whole jungle with the animals, waterfalls, insects, bugs, trees, plants, seeds and so on. He dropped his axe and went into the jungle in search of his purpose of life.

He dropped his axe and went into the jungle in search of his purpose of life.


So, destroying nature is like destroying a part of us. Let’s protect and cherish mother nature so we both can co-exist harmoniously in this planet. Check out our new Vanabhumi collection spread across 6 yards and appreciate nature’s timeless art!

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