How to maintain Cotton sarees ?

How to maintain Cotton sarees ?

Cotton makes a great fabric for crafting sarees. Cotton is light, durable and very affordable on top of being organic. Cotton saris are breezy and easy to drape. and maintain. Here are some easy tips to maintain your cotton sarees.


Wash care :

Always choose hand washing over machine washing. Use mild detergent to wash your sarees. Wash with mild warm or cold water to prevent yarn damage. Since sarees are bound to blead colours for first wash, it is always preferred to wash each saree separately. Always wash light colour sarees separately, especially white to avoid colour staining. Use mild starch to add crisp and stiffness to your saree. Never dry your saree in direct sunlight to avoid colour fading.


Iron & fold :

Press your saree using medium temperature on the wrong side of the saree. You can also steam iron the saree and fold it to a neat square. It is not necessary for cotton saree to be refolded every few months like silk sarees. 


Storage : 

You can either hang the sarees or layer up over one another.  Usage of naphthalene balls or any external fragrance directly over the saree can cause permanent damage. Avoid using airtight bags or plastic covers to store your saree for a long time. 


Stain removal :

In case of stain removal, never use brush or any hard scrub directly on to the fabric. Try dry cleaning to remove such stains in order to prevent further damage to your saree. 


Here are some blended cotton sarees from our collection;




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