The Nine Yards Silk Saree

The Nine Yards Silk Saree

India is a country that is so diverse that it has a vast variety of weaves and crafts. Along with that comes the distinct styles of draping in different regions. The astonishing versatility of the nine yards saree in India has been expressed by many who wear this garment in different styles. In this article, we discuss the different styles of draping used for nine yards saris.


The Madisar drape

Nine-yard sarees also is known as the “Madisar” bring out the age-old Brahmin tradition in nine yards of pure silk. It depicts the deep-rooted Iyer or Iyengar in every Brahmin lady with so much elegance. The unique way of draping this Kanjivaram silk saree is widely known to represent the Brahmin community. These elegant sarees are a must-have for every wedding and special occasion.

The Madisar is worn by women, traditionally after marriage, and sported on special occasions and festivities. This drape does not require the use of petticoat and falls in to place with the right knots. The style used is the Ardha-nareeshwara (half man/half woman) style of draping where the lower half is draped like a dhoti or kacham while the upper half is pleated like a saree. The pallu is worn over the right shoulder by the Iyers and over the left shoulder by the Iyengars.


Pin Kosuvam

Tamil Nadu is famous for its rural back pleated style of pin kosuvam, the traditional style still followed in villages. Worn above the knees, this style was adopted by the women of southern parts of this state. These coarse and thick nine yard sarees did not need a petticoat at all. Strategic knots of the saree in the hip made sure that the saree stayed in place all day.


The Maharashtrian Nauvari saree

The distinctive Marathi woman's apparel measuring nine yards is referred to as Nauvari, meaning nine yards, It is also called as the Kaashtha saree or Laugadee. The style of draping this saree is similar to the way a Maharashtrian dhoti is worn. One of the most interesting features of the Nauvari or the Lugade is the indigenous design palette in weaving, which is untouched by Moghul motifs or techniques.


The nine yards silk saree has evolved into an apparel of cultural significance. The drape has remain unchanged over many years and is part of our cultural heritage. Our own collection of nine yards silk sarees has classic vintage design elements combined with both traditional as well as contemporary colors and can be found here.

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