Wedding stories : Lauren and Aadith

Wedding stories : Lauren and Aadith

A sari is a canvas where we truly express ourselves. It's woven poetry, a dance of colors and carries with it our memories. Saris are treasure troves that get passed on from one generation to another, linking all the stories into one big family history.

Which is why we love weddings! It's an occasion that we wouldn't want to forget. Every part of the wedding contributes to creating beautiful memories which we carry with ourselves. Saris, we feel, are a pretty big part of this tradition which is why we take them quite seriously. Finding the 'right' sari for the bride and for every member in the family is really important to us.

It's not often that we connect with a bride and her family so deeply. With Sharmi, Lauren and Yashi, the connection was spontaneous and the interaction was enjoyable. From seeing saris on video calls, to having discussions on whatsapp chat, every bit of it was truly an experience.

We are happy to have been a small part of their lives and to have contributed in a very small way in creating happy memories. Here are some beautiful pictures from their wedding.




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